“I couldn’t think of a better city to further expand our footprint."


Iron Galaxy Studios

In February of 2022, top independent video game developer, Iron Galaxy Studios selected Nashville as its newest studio location.

The journey to Nashville started during a road trip by Founder Dave Lang from Chicago to Orlando. A snowstorm temporarily halted Dave in Music City. After experiencing Nashville’s creative culture that snowy weekend, Dave and his executive team made a few return visits to learn more about the city, the region, and the great state of Tennessee.

“I couldn’t think of a better city to further expand our footprint. Through a focus on our people and DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility), we are proud that we have successfully enhanced our diversity figures and are looking forward to capitalizing on the amazing talent pool of technology professionals available in Nashville as well as supporting the local community.” – Chelsea Blasko, Co-CEO, Iron Galaxy Studios, LLC

Founded in 2008, Iron Galaxy is the second largest independent video game developer in America with more than 65 shipped titles, over 10 platforms and approximately 20 partners. The company’s expansion to Nashville will create more than 100 tech jobs.

According to a report by Accenture, the global value of the gaming industry has exceeded the $300 billion mark and is much higher than previous industry estimates.


Highlight #1

The economic development team partnered with the International Economic Development Council to host their October conference in Nashville. The conference explored new trends in economic development and shared strategies needed to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the post-pandemic economy.

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Highlight #2

In October 2021, the global IT consulting firm, Capgemini, announced a plan to invest $20.1 million to establish operations in Davidson County. Headquartered in France and located in 50 countries, Capgemini intends to create a minimum of 500 new jobs, with projected growth of up to 1,000.

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Highlight #3

In July 2021, Vi-Jon announced the expansion of its operations in Smyrna, investing $45 million and creating 64 new jobs in Rutherford County. Vi-Jon markets and manufactures the second largest national brand of hand sanitizer under the Germ-X label and produces personal care products including mouthwash, soap, first aid, baby care and hair care.

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Highlight #4

In November of 2021, Gutterglove, Inc., a manufacturer of professional grade stainless steel gutter guards, announced plans to relocate their headquarters from California to Williamson County. Gutterglove plans to invest $720,800 and create 20 new jobs. This follows the company’s previous $5.4 million expansion to Rutherford County in 2020.

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Highlight #5

In February 2022, Monogram Assembled Foods, LLC announced the establishment of new operations in Dickson County, creating nearly 400 new jobs. The deal indicated a $53.5 million investment in the community, offering a full range of meat snacks, appetizers, USDA baked goods, and other convenience products.

Job Investment Scorecard

38 Total Announcements

16,545 New Jobs

$2.96B Capital investment

5,759,123 Square Feet