Partnership 2030

MEET Sarah Trahern

Every five years the Partnership Lead Cabinet, which consists of the Gold and Platinum level investors, convene to set the strategy for the new plan. This group, along with an advisory committee of practitioners, identify the challenges and opportunities in the region. The group creates a strategic framework for the Chamber and the community to tackle those challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. Normally a six-month process, the interruption of the pandemic created an 18-month process to ensure the plan made sense for the changes in the region.

As a leader and visionary in one of Nashville’s most well-known and important industries, Sarah Trahern, CEO of the Country Music Association, participated in this planning process for the current five-year Partnership 2030 strategy. During the planning process, as a member of the P2030 Lead Investor Cabinet, Sarah had the opportunity to play an integral part in developing the P2030 plan, which addresses challenges and opportunities for the future of the region.

“A community gets stronger by working together and being able to honestly say ‘This is a great place to live but how do we make it a better place to live for the next generation?’ Partnership 2030 gave me the opportunity to be at the table, developing a plan for the future, together.”

Sarah Trahern, CEO, Country Music Association

Highlight #1

In June 2022, the Partnership completed a successful first year of the five-year regional economic development plan, Partnership 2030. The P2030 strategy focuses on three interconnected strategic drivers: job growth, education and talent development, and quality of place and livability. The strategy also identifies two strategic foundations that support each driver and are critical to the success of this plan: regional collaboration and deep prosperity.

Highlight #2

Fiscal Year 21-22 saw an increase of 24 new investors, and now more than 250 Nashville Area Chamber members make an additional investment to support the Partnership’s goal to ensure the healthy, intentional growth of the region.

Highlight #3

The Partnership convened over 15 events throughout the fiscal year to inform, engage and connect investors to the regional work of Partnership. Events range from large events like Full Investor Meetings to more intimate settings like lunches with regional partners. Whether it was hearing an update from Laurel Graefe of the Atlanta Fed or enjoying coffee with a fellow investor, the Partnership provides exclusive opportunities with fellow investors.


Business Relocations & Expansions


New Jobs Created


Capital Investment


Square Feet Occupied

partnership 2030 progress report

Year One Goal

Year One Performance

5 year goal

Employment Growth (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
207% of Year 1 Goal Met
30,000 Jobs
62,104 Jobs
150,000 Jobs
Growth in GDP (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
123% of Year 1 Goal Met
$6 Billion
$7.4 Billion
$30 Billion
Population Growth (U.S. Census Bureau)
80% of Year 1 Goal Met
+ 40,000 People
+ 31,957 People
+ 200,000 People

Educational attainment

Educational Attainment is the percentage of population 25 years and older with an associate's degree or higher
5 Year Goal
1 Year Performance
(U.S. Census Bureau)

Cost of Living

Our goal is to be less than 100.0, the national average for cost of living
5 Year Goal
1 Year Performance
under 100.0
(C2ER Cost of Living Index)